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Sappada (Plodn in the German dialect of Sappada, Bladen in German) is a German-speaking language island between Austria, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia at an altitude of 1,250 metres.

It extends longitudinally for about 5 km in a dolomitic valley in the province of Udine, near the sources of the Piave river. The country is divided into 15 boroughs (heivilan), whose names have been partly italianized or vice versa brought back to the German version.

Most of the commercial activities are located in the central avenue that crosses the villages of Bach, Granvilla and Palù, the so-called Sappada Centro. Sappada is a renowned tourist destination for its scenic beauty and sports facilities, both in summer and winter.

Guests can also learn about the history, its origins, the language (Sappada or plodarisch) which has been handed down only by the locals for more than 1000 years, the costumes, especially the carnival (Vosenòcht) with the figure of Rollate. Culture enthusiasts can visit the Giuseppe Fontana Ethnographic Museum, the House Museum of Rural Civilization and the Small Museum of the Great War. Noteworthy is the culture of cooking, based mainly on local products.

The boroughs of Sappada

A wonderful walk through the boroughs of Old Sappada, part of the »Most Beautiful Villages of Italy«: a plunge into the history and tradition of the valley, in each borough you discover peculiarities that make it unique.

Old times of Sappada

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Borgata Bach, 11
33012 Sappada (UD)
Tel: 0435 / 469 126

Borgata Bach, 11
c/o Municipio
33012 Sappada (UD)

Borgata Bach, 9
33012 Sappada (UD)
Tel.: 0435 / 469 131