Each season has its own charm

Discover the beauty of Sappada, its surroundings and the activities to be experienced in nature.


Whether in summer or winter, excursions and hikes always have a beneficial effect

Moving through nature, leaving behind small and big problems of everyday life. Regenerating, allowing thoughts to flow freely. Rediscovering serenity, allowing you to see the world in a different way. This is what you will find in our Carnic Alps and among our centuries-old woods.

difficulty: easy ∗ duration: ascent 2:20 h, descent: 1:50 h ∗ length: 8 km ∗ departure: Cima Sappada ∗ location: Rifugio Sorgenti del Piave, Val Sesis, Tel. 334 779 9175

Start from Cima Sappada, after a couple of km you will find the first series of hairpin bends that will take you to “Pian delle Bombarde”, a beautiful flat stretch of about 1 km. It starts at the “Refuge Piani del Cristo” and ends at “Baita Rododendro”. Every now and then, if you raise your head, you will have the spectacle of Mount Peralba and Chiadenis in front of you. The first time you see them you have done about halfway, the easiest part. Another short stretch to rest is located at “Pian dei Pastori” (Malga Ochsn Hutte). From here the ramps and hairpin bends. Also reachable by car, motorbike, bicycle or electric bicycle.

difficulty: average ∗ duration: ascent 2:30 h, descent: 2:00 h ∗ length: 8 km ∗ departure: Cima Sappada ∗ opening: June-September ∗ location: Val di Sesis, Tel. 0435 469 232

The Pier Fortunato Calvi refuge is located in a breathtaking panoramic position, on the side of the majestic Monte Peralba, where the Piave river has its source.
Leave the car in the large car park of Cima Sappada, take the asphalt road towards “Sorgenti del Piave”. After 6 km, on the plateau of the springs, you find the junction to the refuge Calvi. Then, facing a simple climb of about an hour along the comfortable dirt road or along the path from the Great War (tunnels, forts, posts), you will reach the beautiful refuge Calvi. Enjoy the view!

difficulty: easy ∗ duration: ascent 1:00 h (311 m of difference in altitude), descent: 0:40 h ∗ length: 1,4 km ∗ departure: Borgata Bach ∗ opening: all year round ∗ location: Borgata Soravia, tel. 392 973 3806

At the Sant’Antonio chapel, 150 m away from Hotel Bladen, take the path towards Monte Ferro. Once you have reached the departure station of the disused ski lift “Sasso Alto”; continue along the small path that runs parallel to it and quickly leads to the view of the refuge. Or you can climb to the left (west) along the old ski slope, rather steep in the first stretch, which, after a hundred meters, crosses the previous track.

difficulty: easy ∗ duration: ascent 1: 00-1: 15 h (345 m difference in height), descent: 0:40 h ∗ length: 1.7 km ∗ departure: Cima Sappada or departure station of the Monte Siera chairlift ∗ opening: July-August, December-March ∗ location: Pian dei Larici, tel. 0435 / 469 122

Follow the path 319 which will lead you through the tranquil secular forests of spruce up to the Monte Siera ski slope. Continue along the track and at the end the hut will appear in front of you.
The hut is located in the most beautiful vantage point on the northern edge of Pian dei Larici, next to the arrival of the chair lift.

Off-road tours with Pinzgauer

Our off-road vehicle takes you comfortably and without barriers to the mountains!

Hotel Bladen offers its guests the famous Pinzgauer, a historic off-road vehicle with 8 seats. With the now famous Pinz, you can easily and – for some tours, with a pinch of adventure – reach destinations and huts otherwise often unreachable for many people. The vehicle has been modified to allow transport of disabled people with wheelchairs.

Experience the mountains in a unique way!

Information and booking: Hotel Bladen – tel. +39 / 0435 / 469 233


Puicher s’Kottlars haus/schtòl
Address: Borgata Cretta, 32047 Sappada  → casa-museo-della-civiltà-contadina

The complex of the Puicher s’Kottlars house is an interesting example of a simple module house with adjoining barn, dating back to the second quarter of the nineteenth century. Visitors can take a step back in time here and gain direct experience of the places, domestic habits and lifestyle of the families of Sappada (to complete the visit to the Ethnographic Museum).

Accessible to disabled people  

Address: Cima Sappada, 32047 Sappada – tel. +39 339 673 7769  → museo etnografico sappada

The “Giuseppe Fontana” Ethnographic Museum offers a complete itinerary from the natural environment to the identity of the community that has settled and integrated itself.
The visitor is introduced to the geology, flora and fauna of Sappada’s valley. A historical section examines the origins and history of the people of Sappada up to the present day. Interesting testimonies of life shown in ethnographic collections, how the environment has forged its habits: relative isolation on the past, the particular climatic conditions, together with the peculiar identity of the community as a German-speaking linguistic island, favoured a frugal and almost self-sufficient system of life, favouring the development of the so-called “culture of wood”.

Address: Loc. Sorgenti del Piave – 32047 Sappada – tel. +39 339 128 17 36 // +39 0435 469 833  → malga-casera-vecchia

Located at 1.700 meters asl, on the slopes of Monte Avanza and near the springs of the Piave, “Malga Casera Vecchia” is easily reachable from Sappada. It lies along the provincial road that connects Cima Sappada and the springs of the Piave. Open from mid-June to mid-September, goats, sheeps and cows are bred there, mixed cow/goat cheese called “Malga Casera Vecchia” is produced there, also goat cheese, fresh and smoked ricotta and butter. The products are sold directly at the adjoining shop, and the place is particularly renowned for picking mushrooms and for trekking. The chees dairy can be reached in a short 10-minute walk, leaving the car along the provincial road.

Address: Borgata Mulbach, 32047 Sappada  → piccolo museo della grande guerra

The Small Museum of the Great War results from the desire to honor the territory in which the Piave river has its source. A river sacred to the homeland and the men who fought against each other in these territories during World War I.
The exhibition is shown an old forge and former municipal slaughterhouse at the falls of Mühlbach. There is a rich and significant collection of findings and relics, which belonged to the two opposing sides during the World War I.

Fly fishing

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Unlimited fun!

The most beautiful cycling tours of the Carnic Alps start directly from Hotel Bladen. Wether you like it relaxed pedalling along the flowering meadows or more adventurous taking up- and downhill tracks, explore the most picturesque and exciting tours of the Dolomites.

Whether it’s mountain biking, road biking or e-biking . . . there’s something for everyone! We will be happy to recommend you the most suitable routes for your wishes!

E-bike charging point

E-Bike charging station at Hotel Bladen. Charging is free for anybody.

Storage room

Hotel Bladen has an indoor storage room for bicycles. The room is accessible only by badge or key that you can requested at the reception.
Access from the outside is continuously monitored 24 hours by two CCTV cameras.


We offer all our guests the possibility to rent bicycles and e-bikes from our partner Gi-Sport Kratter with a 10% discount.

Nordic Skiing

Sappada is the kingdom of Nordic skiing!

Perfectly maintained slopes extend over the entire valley and through the adjacent forests. Sappada not only has a long tradition in cross-country skiing, but has also seen the birth and training of several world champions. Several international competitions are held annually in Sappada, but even beginners will find here the best conditions to face and fall in love with the noble discipline of skiing.

Alpine Skiing

Skiing in Sappada

Ideal tracks for the whole family with different levels of difficulty invite you to ski in the Dolomites. An optimal snow-making system guarantees perfect slopes at any times. A comfortable shuttle bus (free of charge) connects the different tracks. Beautiful original huts invite you for a break. Fantastic conditions for your skiing holiday in Sappada.


Spend your perfect golf trip in Sappada

In the heart of the Carnic Alps, in Sappada, you will find a beautiful gem for golfers. The 9-hole or 18-hole golf course directed by the Italian Golf Federation is located at 1.250 metres asl. Golf Club Sappada is also ideal for the less experienced as it has a driving range where you can train in complete autonomy. In addition, you can book a golf lesson with a Master of the Golf School affiliated with the FIG.

Opening: 1st of may till 15th of october  •  address: Baita Mondschein – Borgata Bach 98 – 33012 Sappada  •  tel.: 0435 469 585 – mobile 347 255 1910  •  →

Activities with kids

A wide range of leisure activities for the whole family makes every holiday in Sappada an unforgettable experience!
Whether in summer or winter, with sun or bad weather, discover the beauty of our valley.

Address: Baita Sonnenalm – Borgata Kratten – Loc. Campo Sportivo – Sappada  •  phone: +39 345 989 2371  •   → parco giocchi

Spend the day with your family in the playground of the Baita Sonnenalm – fun and relaxation for everyone.

Address: Baita Sonnenalm – Borgata Kratten – Loc. Campo Sportivo – Sappada  •  phone: +39 345 989 2371 • → maneggio cavalli

Discover the valley of Sappada on horseback with family and friends, through centuries-old forests and flowering meadows. For beginners guided walks, for young guests ponies and picturesque carriage rides available!

Address: Borgata Cima, 133 – 32047 Sappada  •  phone: +39 340 635 3354 •   → adventure park sappada

The Adventure Park is a park on trees, one of the largest in the Dolomites, designed for the whole family. Six types of courses, designed for different levels and skills.

Every year in mid-September, Sappada celebrates the return of the cows from the mountain pastures with the Sappamukki festival. The parade of cows and horses passes through the village, stands offering typical local products, lots of music and lots of fun!

More activities

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