Finally, Summer 2018 news

Bladen Bike Mobility

Hotel Bladen has embraced a sustainable mobility formula centred on bicycles, and in particular on electric bicycles, opening up a new dimension and a lifestyle in perfect harmony with the mountain environment.
E-Bikes offer access to a unique experience, allowing guests to easily reach several places of interest, and to cover long stretches of roads and paths, that would otherwise be hard to negotiate.
E-Bikes are equally suited to guests who practice sports regularly, and to those who are less well-trained or less able, and offer a unique total mobility experience to all, immersed in nature.
After having installed charging stations for electric vehicles (Tesla and other brands), and having chosen to use only electricity produced by hydroelectric power stations (our supplier is RePower: see attached hydropower certification), Hotel Bladen is proud to announce another step forward towards sustainable mobility:

Hotel Bladen in Sappada embraces sustainable mobility

In July 2018, Sappada’s first free charging station for electric bicycles began operating at Hotel Bladen.
The charging station is provided by power company RePower, the utility which supplies electric power with zero environmental impact, generated exclusively by hydroelectric power stations, and the electric bicycles are available for hire at only 50 metres from Hotel Bladen, at:
Gi.Sport Kratter
Borgata Bach, 57 – 32047 Sappada (BL)
Tel. 0435 469002
In addition to free power charges, Hotel Bladen guests are offered special discounts on bike rentals.
In addition to free power charges, Hotel Bladen guests enjoy additional benefits:
Special discount on bike rentals from Gi.Sport Kratter
Bicycle parking in locked depots under video surveillance *
Free power charging stations, sheltered and under video surveillance *
Packet lunches and drinks for daily outings
Maps and information on the cycling routes in the area
•• * free service
As always, Hotel Bladen shows its belief in a sustainable future and its commitment to environmentally friendly tourism.